Monday, December 19, 2011

30 Day Makeup Challenge: Day 5

5) Favorite lipstick, lip gloss, and lip liner?

My favorite lip stick (brand) would be Mac...color?..I'm not sure how to pick just one, hardly possible, but I love "Myth," it's THE perfect nude lipstick for almost every skin tone. Favorite lip gloss (brand) is Stila...again I could not pick a favorite color because I use a different color nearly every time but the Stila lip glazes are high gloss and come in a super convenient tube in a great variety of colors (and they offer them in sets). Favorite lip liner BY FAR is Urban Decay's lip liners, I only own a few because they're more expensive than other brands. I probably own over 100 lip liners of various brands and the few UD liners I have I use most often. "Wicked" and "Naked" are my favorite colors, although, I would love to one day buy all the colors. The reason I like UD so much more than other brands is because when it comes to lip liners you need a strong pigment and for the pencil to be very smooth and creamy, instead of rough and hard. These liners just glide on the lips perfectly and make it so much easier to line and fill flawlessly.


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