Monday, December 27, 2010

Happy Holidays from my new blog!

So this is my first official blog post. The only type of blogging I have done up until now is Livejournal in the early 2000's, if that even counts as "blogging." I have been wanting to start a fashion/makeup blog for some time now and it took unemployment/graduating from college to free up my time enough to be able to actually do it. My plans for this blog are to frequently update the world with my regular fashion ideas along with my daily makeup looks and what I'm in to. I hope that I will have at least a few readers who have a love for these things along with myself and will enjoy my life as much as I do :)
So, onto the more important matters...what has my makeup been up to over the holidays?! Well, I experimented with several looks, a few of which can be seen in this little collage I put together:
My love this season has been the plumb and gold combo. I really worked these colors in various looks from a colorful cateye to a well blended smokey eye seen above. I also had a lot of fun with blending silver and white with a bit of gold on the outer V along with lining the waterline of my eyes with white eyeliner. Here's the completed look (although taken on my iPhone so not the best quality image):
I also had some fun with a few shades of lipstick. I used a Rimmel bubblegum pink color all over and this really awesome hot pink Mac color on the outer edges of my lips to create a depthiness that I will definitely be repeating.
Last but not least, my Christmas look! I wore this red and green sensation on Christmas day and it was eye catching enough for even my dad to compliment it! Red eyeshadow is not commonly used but I figured what better time to attempt red?! I used red as the base and smoked it out with a deep green. I actually tried this look last week and failed to blend the green enough so it did'nt look too hot. Blending is key here or else it will just look like a hot green mess (which it did on my first attempt).

I hope you all (which will probably only be my sister at this point..shout out to my B!) enjoyed this first post and will continue reading because I think we can have a fun thing going here :)