Saturday, April 16, 2011

How to look fab with 5 items

I suppose I must start this with saying YES I know I am a horrible blogger and haven't posted in forever, but unfortunately life just gets in the way of things we say we'll do.

Today I really didn't feel like doing much makeup, I thought I would be outside all day in the sun so I didn't want to put work into anything I would sweat off. Or I was just being lazy. One of those two things.
The laziness, however, resulted in something lovely.
Also, observe my lovely Betsy Johnson watch my love gave me yesterday :)

Yes, indeed, I used five items on my face. That is all.
1. Tinted moisturizer (mixed a tad of liquid foundation with my daily moisturizer, ok so maybe that's two items but 5 is a much more pleasant number and you can easily just buy a tinted moisturizer)
2. White eyeliner
3. Mac's pretty pinky color in "Jest" (I not only highlighted with this eyeshadow color but also used it as blush!)
This picture isn't all too great because it was taken on my phone but this is an awesome frosty pink color

4. Mascara
5. Lip balm
And voila! That's it! Try it out for yourself, you'll feel quite confident in your own skin :)

Stay natural, my friends