Monday, April 2, 2012

Long time no see...

I honestly feel like just picking up where I left off and not even mentioning my 3 month hiatus from blogging and pretending like it never happened. But I know I can't because, in general, I'm a horrible blogger. I just find it so hard to stay consistent with blogging and as soon as I go weeks without blogging then it's like this dark cloud hanging over my head whispering "you should be blogging this." or "you never blog yet you have a blog, you're a horrible person."
I think that blogging is incredibly important in the fashion/beauty industry. It's a great way to get your name out there and it's also great to share your knowledge and thoughts with other people rather than to hoard all this great info to yourself! This feeling of almost obligation might be what makes it so hard for me to blog, but I'm gunna go ahead and promise to myself that I will try. I felt like even making a New Year's resolution to blog, but, for me, nothing kills a commitment like a New Year's resolution...too much pressure.

Anyways, now that I've pointed out the obvious, that I'm a horrible blogger because I never blog, I will continue this like it never happened and write a post about a few things I've been up to and *gasp* maybe even write a second one!

Ok, so here is my "excuse:" Most people that know me, know that, as of Christmas Eve, I am engaged to be married to my wonderful man, Chris. Here is "the ring":
I just love looking at this everyday :)

Let me tell you, wedding planning is TIME CONSUMING! It's oh so much fun and I love it, but just sucks any bit of extra time out of your life.
Chris and I will be getting married in Orlando, FL and I am DIYing it all over the place for our wedding! Because of this, I have learned that I absolutely LOVE crafts! So, maybe I'll do a few posts on some of my craftiest crafts :) Here are a few sneak peaks of my projects:
Upcycling bottles into vases
Pickle jar + lace doily = perfection!
One of the hardest crafts I've done so far but rather rewarding

So, there are just a few of the wedding crafts I've been working on in my free time when I'm too busy to blog. It's so much fun though and definitely worth the time. I'm very excited to be adding my personal touch to every aspect of our wedding :)
If anyone would like a tutorial for any of the things I've posted a picture of, let me know!


P.S. Coming soon: our engagement picture session(s)!